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Creative, motivated and skilled Graphic, Digital and Web Designer with 20+ years of work experience with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, mid-size companies, start up companies and individuals.


William Shatner's Man O' War

Lukaz Design

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Vox Lumiere's Phantom of the Opera

Vox Lumiere

Victoria Levy

Your Balancing Act

Blue Moon-Partner Page

Demandware-Partner Page

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Unified Platform

American Airlines AAdvantage Card - Adventure

Air France - Tokyo Calls 1

Air France - Tokyo Calls 2

Air France - Pekin Calls

American Express - Get Carried Away

AT&T - Now Hiring

Air France - Tokyo Calls

Designer Shoe Warehouse - Sneakers

Mohegan Sun - Erika Jayne

Mercedes Benz - SL Roadster

Mercedes Benz - C Klasse Limosine

SyFy Channel - Imagine Greater

SyFy Channel - Imagine Greater

The Phantom of the Opera-CD Cover Art

The Hunchback of Notre Dame-CD Cover Art

Silents you can hear-CD Cover Art

Sing In Tune

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Phantom of the Opera

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